Paving the way towards higher education for the homeless.
Kindling Centers, Inc. works out of two locations, Port Recovery & Oliver Center, both located in Baltimore, MD.  Kindling Centers promotes a unique approach to individuals in the homeless community, in order to develop a greater number of highly fulfilled and productive members of society.  We are currently offering GED preparatory classes, with an innovative reading support system called Evidence-Based Literacy Instruction.

Students enlist in our program to prepare for and strive towards completing their GED, which is the first step in the direction of a new beginning.  We help center and stabilize their lives with dependable and compassionate support at the time that they need it the most.  An academic assessment is given to the students, which helps us create individualized instruction for each specific student.  Literacy is promoted by way of EBLI, (Evidence-Based Literacy Instruction), a strategy that helps students rapidly excel in their reading ability.  For more information about EBLI, call (800) 732-4810 or visit their webpage at
Our current students are sent to us through the program Port Recovery, located in Baltimore, MD.  They offer the opportunity to continue on the journey of recovery from addiction, by helping one become a responsible, productive member of society while living in a safe, drug-free enviornment.  Go to their website for more information at  The students use our GED preparatory program as a part of their rehabilitation to get back on track to living a better life.  They participate in drug & alcohol recovery programs, and live in transitional housing.  They seek positive change and need consistant, flexible and compassionate support.  The students engage in group instruction, but many would better benefit from one-on-one tutoring.
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